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"You're Not Alone..."

There are many resources available for homeowners facing foreclosure:


For most homeowners, the thought of facing foreclosure never crosses their mind.  When it does happen, it can be... unbearable.   I've lived through it myself and recovered, if I did it so can you.  


It's our mission to help those who are going through same obstacle.  


You may have been hit by a natural disaster or have been hospitalized or lost your job... or any number of reasons that are beyond your control.  


 In 2018 alone, nearly 400,000 families were forced into foreclosure.
There are many resources available to help, but due to the emotional trauma, most folks, can hardly start the process of looking for such help.  

The first step, is to write down what you're dealing with.  Getting  everything on paper will help you see more clearly... list all your creditors and the balances you owe, what you can sell off to meet your family's immediate needs, write down what immediate job opportunities are available etc.   

Work up a strategy to negotiate a solution with each one of your creditors, by being  calm, respectful, honest and transparent with them.  They may offer some form of deferred payment schedule or provide additional resources available to you.  

Then, you should contact your county, state and federal housing offices for any resources available to you immediately.  They can provide assistance to prevent foreclosures and provide housing assistance if available.

Write down all of your options on paper and take that first step to recovery...  


If you need our one on one guidance, have your written details ready to be discussed.

Then, give our local HAP advocates a call at:  702 613 8803